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Competing online is difficult, Websites can be complicated

Do any of these sound familiar? 

There is a better way

A Stress-free approach to chiropractic web design

Proven Frameworks

We use proven processes and frameworks to create clear messaging with all our projects, so you can have a clear message that can help grow your clinic.

Regain Your Time

We can take the web design build and management off your hands, so you can get your time back and focus on your patients.

Client Education

We spend time educating all our clients on digital marketing tactics while we work together, so you can make informed decisions about digital marketing strategies.

The Search for a reliable web designer is over

Dr. Riley Klassen, Owner of Westwood Family Chiropractic
"After seeing only 5 bookings per month with my previous web design agency, I partnered with Curtis and That's It Design. Their customized website yielded an impressive 26 bookings in the first month alone.

For a site that truly represents your clinic and drives bookings, That's It Design is the solution."
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3 Steps To Success


You’ll meet with a member of our team virtually to learn more about your business, goals, and how we can help. This way, we can gain a better understanding of what makes your business unique.

Step 2: Take Action

We’ll use our proven frameworks to create a clear message, so your website communicates how you can help your patients.

Step 3: Grow your clinic

By enhancing your website’s messaging and establishing your business’s credibility, you’ll contribute to the growth of your clinic.

We Believe your website shouldn't consume your time

We understand that your days are filled with patients, and your desire is to cherish quality time with your family. That’s precisely why we offer web design services to alleviate the burden of managing your website.

Here’s a streamlined process:
Step 1: Schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation. This virtual meeting with our team allows us to dive into your business, goals, and ways we can assist you.
Step 2: We take the lead, leveraging our proven frameworks to craft a clear message. This ensures your website effectively communicates the value you provide to your patients.
Step 3: Elevate your clinic’s success with our support. By refining your website’s message and bolstering your business’s credibility, we aid in driving growth.

Book your 15-minute consultation now, and put an end to worrying about the opportunities your website may be missing out on. Instead, focus on the influx of patients you’ll be welcoming in.

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