5 Reasons Why Your Small Business NEEDS A Website In 2022

why your small business needs a website

In a time when we are so connected to the digital world, your business MUST HAVE a website. Why hinder your potential profits by not using all the tools you can to promote your business. If you are a business owner and you’re still asking yourself if your business needs a website, then you came to the right place.

Today I’m going to give you five reasons why your small business needs a website in 2022:

1. Helps Increase Your Brand Awareness and Credibility

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Your website is the place to set the tone for what your brand is all about. From your business logo to your values, a website can be the place to tell your story to potential customers.

People tend to shop more regularly at places they trust. You can build that trust and credibility of your business from your website. A recent study suggests that 70%-80% of potential customers are lost to businesses without websites. Don’t let not taking the time and investment into a website stop you from getting business. 

2. You Can Attract New Customers

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Do you know how most people find businesses in their city or town for a product or service? If your answer is anything other than Googling “INSERT PRODUCT OR SERVICE” Near Me, then you’re wrong. Did you know that “Near Me” searches on Google grew by over 130% last year?  

Google is the leading search engine, and more and more businesses are getting new customers because of Google (and good website SEO). If customers don’t find you on Google, they WILL go to other businesses.

3. Display Your Products and Services In One Place

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Do you know what doesn’t close for the day? The internet! You can showcase your products and services to potential customers 24/7 with your website. People like the luxury of finding out the information they want to know ASAP

If they want to know what your business offers and your business is closed, they won’t bother waiting to contact you to find out more information. They will find that information somewhere else, which could be your competitor.

4. You Have A Online Home That You Own

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My favorite reply when I ask people why they don’t have a website is “Cause I can be found on social media.” Relying on social media to carry your brand awareness is a huge risk. Social media websites like Instagram and Facebook could crash and be down for hours. All that time is time that no one will be able to find your business.

Your business is reliant on those social media platforms to stay up, and recently they aren’t. Having a website you own and control gives you the freedom to do whatever you want like showing off customer reviews, spreading company news, and more. A bonus is when social media is down again, your business can still be found.

5. Your Competition Is Already Online

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You want to at least stay at the same level, if not get ahead of your competition, right? Recent stats show that 64% of small businesses have their own website. Chances are pretty good that your competition has one, meaning they could have an advantage over you as they will be getting new customers from web traffic on Google.

I can tell you now, that at least most of those businesses will say they are more than happy to have a website and cite one of the reasons above as a highlight. Your business MUST have a website if at the very least to stay somewhat competitive with your competition for online awareness. You might even get a leg up over them if you can get a website up before them.

If You're Now Asking The Question Of How Do I Get A Website:

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