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Curtis Marshall Owner of That's It Design
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We believe every business should have a website that builds trust and grows leads.

Many service businesses don’t have a website that truly represents who they are and what they offer to customers. This can make it hard to generate leads and build trust with potential clients, resulting in lost revenue.

Let us at That’s It Design help you create a custom website that effectively communicates your business’s unique offerings and values. With a strategic website, you’ll be able to attract more leads and establish a stronger brand reputation.

Our approach to website design is focused on strategy, which has helped our clients establish a more trustworthy image, generate twice as many leads, and grow their monthly earnings. We achieve this by building high-quality websites and utilizing a strong SEO strategy.

One of our biggest success stories was working with a Winnipeg makeup artist named Kira Marshall. The only web presence she had was on Instagram and Facebook, where she got maybe four leads a month. Since launching her website with That’s It Design, her online brand has grown immensely, and she went from four leads a month to five to 10 quality leads a week from people who are serious about booking her services. 

If you want to get the relief and excitement of gaining more quality leads, increasing website traffic, and increasing business credibility, book your free consultation today.

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The Ultimate Lead Generating Website Homepage Structure Checklist

This checklist will provide you with some insider tips that you can take advantage of on your website’s home page. We’ll show you, step by step, a breakdown of each section and the elements you should include to start generating more leads.