What Is A CMS And Why Should Your Small Business Use One?

What Is A CMS And Why Should Your Small Business Use One?

Now you’re a business owner and looking to start a website for your business. During any research, you probably have come across the term CMS. You’re probably asking yourself, “what is a CMS, and why should my small business use one?

What Is A CMS?

CMS or Content Management System is a piece of software that allows the user to build from scratch and even manage a website without having to write code.

With CMS software, you can build and customize a website that can match your business’ brand and voice. For most CMS software, the user picks a theme layout of a website from a selection of themes available. Some are free, and some require payment. These themes are website templates made with filler example content located inside. The user just has to exchange that content with the content they wanted to upload and add any other aesthetics to the website that matches their brand. 

CMS software is pretty popular with over 75 million websites currently using it as of this writing. 

Most hosting websites where you would host your website online give you options of different CMS software to choose from. You might have heard some of the bigger systems like WordPress, Wix, or even Shopify, but there are WAY more Content Management Systems out there for people to use. There are a lot of similarities between the different CMS software, but will also have features that set them apart.

Why Should Your Small Business Have One?

1. Easy To Use Templates

Easy To Use Templates
Each CMS has a wide range of templates, some free and some you have to pay for, that make it fast and easy to build the design of your website. With most, all you have to do is download and activate the theme, then replace the example content and branding with your business’ content and branding(i.e. Logos, colors, typography, images).

2. No Coding Knowledge Required


One of the best parts of CMS software is that you can get away with not having any knowledge of coding. That’s right, you can build a website and don’t have to know coding languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. All website templates available are pre-built, so you just have to add your branding and content while logged in to the backend portal.

3. You Can Use It Anywhere On Any Device

Using CMS anywhere any time

Because CMS software runs on web browsers while on the internet, you can use programs like WordPress and Wix on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. All you have to do is log in to your CMS website on your device and edit any of your pages from the backend dashboard. This is a whole lot easier and simpler than having to make edits to your website on one device only and then having to send those files to your server to update your online website.

4. Strong Security Features

Strong Security Feature
CMS platforms have security features built-in or even allow you to add security features to your website, keeping it safe and sound from hackers. Plenty even have features to assist you in case your website has been hacked, with simple follow-along steps to getting your website back to its original pre-hacked status and even scheduled backups just in case something happens to the files.

5. Lots Of Different Available Features


A lot of CMS platforms have built-in features while also giving you the ability to add new features to your website. Features you could add are ones like a contact form, a website optimizer to speed up your site, and popup messages. The best part is that most of them are free and with new features being added every year!

Now you are probably asking yourself, “if I could just use CMS software to build my website, why do I need to hire a web designer?” I’ll be covering this question more in-depth in another blog post as there are advantages to hiring a web designer to build/manage your website. 

Hopefully, this blog post was able to answer some of your questions about CMS and why it is important. Make sure you join our monthly newsletter to get the latest tips and tricks to help you master your online business website, and check back weekly for new blogs.

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